X-Particles Animated Condensation Rig


X-Particles Condensation Rig for Cinema 4D – Includes Redshift Render setup.

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X-Particles Animated Condensation Rig

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Ultra Realistic Animated Condensation in Seconds

Realistic condensation is kind of tricky. For client projects, I could never dedicate enough time to creating a comprehensive system for animating water drops realistically. I usually just defaulted to creating some static water drops that looked decent for medium shots, but didn’t really hold up for extreme closeups. I created this rig to give ultra realistic results at any angle and make it super easy to apply to any object at any scale.

Drag and Drop Object Switching

Easily apply the system to any object and have everything automatically update.

One Control for Adjusting the World Scale

A difficult thing with x-particles is getting a great result at one scale and then getting a completely different result at another scale. With this rig there is one control for world scale that will automatically adjust every setting accordingly to make the system work at any scale

Fine Tune Your Look

Easily adjust droplet sizes, animation speed, and direction.

Custom Distribution

Easily change the distribution of droplets based on a noise or custom texture.

Comprehensive PDF Manual

Even some of the simplest X-Particles setups can be difficult to digest. That’s why I created a comprehensive PDF to explain the system in depth. That way you can fully customize settings to get the look you’re after.


System Requirements

Tested with X-Particles Build 1036 – 1253 and Cinema 4D R23 – R26. Other versions have not been tested.

The Rig can get processor intensive but it completely depends on how far you choose to push the settings.

Do I need to be an X-Particles Guru to use this Rig?

The rig is simple enough for a newbie to get instant great results. If you’re an experienced X-Particles user then that’s great, you’ll be able to further customize the system and get exactly what you’re looking for.

What Renderers Does This Work With?

This rig works with any renderer inside of Cinema 4D. The promo was rendered in Redshift.

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Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles


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