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The first step toward professional rendering is chosing the right renderer. We’ve been using Redshift Renderer® in production for several years now and highly recommend it if you want to lift your rendering game. However there has been a lack of training available for Redshift … until now.

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Includes The Redshift Materials Masterclass

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Includes The Redshift Lighting and Rendering Masterclass


This course was designed for intermediate users.

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The course has been recorded in English.

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What will you learn from this course?

We literally cover almost every feature, so you can know it inside out and master the plugin.


We’ll start by covering each of the Material Types in Redshift incl. Diffuse, Reflection, Refraction, SSS, Emissive, Car Paint and the Material Blender.

17 Lessons
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Shader nodes

We’ll cover every Redshift node to create your shaders and materials. We’ll see examples of what each node does and how to use them in your workflow.

22 Lessons
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Material Projects

We’ll build materials together and share loads of tips on how to get great looking shaders and physically accurate results. All Project Files are included.

7 Lessons
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Stop waiting so long on your renders! Let’s optimize your render settings for your machine so you can get amazing clean renders quickly and easily!

13 Lessons
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The importance of lighting is often overlooked. We take a look at each and every option available to us in Redshift. Time to start lighting like a boss!

14 Lessons
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There’s a lot more to it than dropping in a camera. We go through all the different cameras and controls so you can become a true CG Cinematographer.

8 Lessons
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Lighting & Rendering Projects

Let’s light and render some sweet projects! Step-by-step training in creating professionally lit and rendered scenes in Redshift. Plus we’re adding more all the time.

2 Lessons

Course Content

Redshift Material Projects
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Material Projects

We'll create the following materials together in the material projects section of the course. We plan to add more too.

Includes Redshift Material Library
The course includes a plug-and-play Redshift Material library with 50 prebuilt materials. We’re also adding new materials all the time!

Who should take this course?

This masterclass is ideal for anyone learning Redshift for Cinema 4D.


Using Redshift as a hobby? Get better acquainted with it.


Using Redshift every day? Become the Octane guru of the office.


Impress your clients with your expert Redshift knowlegedge.


Start early and learn the right way from the beginning.

Lighting Templates

The following lighting template scenes are included with the course. Just switch out the objects with your own models. We plan to add more too.

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The Ultimate Redshift Masterclass

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Your instructor

Derek Kirk

Hey, I’m Derek, I love pizza, 80s synth music, crew neck sweaters, my wife Kaitlyn, my daughter Violet, my corgi Lava and God. I’ve been in video production for 10 years, and i have a passion for 3D and teaching.

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in this course?​

This course is designed to be the definitive resource for creating professional looking materials in Cinema 4D with Redshift. We cover every aspect of the software that is to do with Material creation. By the end of this course you’ll be able to create amazing looking shaders and take your renders to the next level. Also, we cover optimizing rendering for your machine, creating professional lighting, and camera settings. By the end of this course you’ll be able to create amazing looking renders that are both fast and clean!

What software do I need?​

You need Maxon Cinema 4D (many of the techniques are achievable in older versions but Version 20 and above is recommended). You also need the Redshift Render Plugin for Cinema 4D, Redshift Version 3.0 and up. 3.5 recommended.

What plugins do I need?​

You need the Redshift Render Plugin for Cinema 4D from the Maxon website. It’s available along with a Cinema 4D subscription. The concepts in this course apply to all versions but Version 2018 and above is recommended.

What is the difference between this course and the other Redshift Mastercalsses?

Our Ultimate Redshift Masterclass includes The Redshift Materials Masterclass AND the Redshift Lighting and Rendering Masterclass (and some soon to be released extra exlusive content) and is our complete training on everything you need to know about Redshift .

The Materials Masterclass is focused on Material creation in Redshift. The Lighting and Rendering Masterclass is focused on Lighting, Camera and Rendering in Redshift. The Ultimate Redshift course covers everything.

What knowledge do I need to complete the course?​

A basic level of Cinema 4D should be fine for this course.

What will I get after enrolling?​

Lifetime access to the course videos (10 hours over 90 videos and growing), 8 x C4D Project Files, 4 lighting Presets , 1 x Redshift Material Library (currently over 50 materials), Exclusive support, continuous updates and new content added regularly.

Is this course included in membership?​

This is a (HUGE) Pro Series course and much larger than our other courses. As such it's not included in membership unfortunately.

Does the course cover creating the shots in the promo video?

Yes, what you see in the promo is taken straight from the course!

If I purchase the course is it mine to keep?​

Yep, if you purchase it, it's yours to keep!

The Ultimate Redshift Masterclass

The new course by Derek Kirk designed to help you master materials, lighting & rendering in Redshift Renderer for Cinema 4D.

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