Sewing Stitches in Cinema 4D

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Today we’ll be creating this sewing or stitching effect in Cinema 4D. We’ll use the cloner and a few effectors to create the looping stitches in C4D.

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1 review for Sewing Stitches in Cinema 4D

  1. hui Qin

    Teacher, I follow the tutorial, after playing the animation, my rope always goes before the fabric, always the rope goes first, then the fabric goes, like the fabric directly covers the rope from above, not like your stitching effect, I don’t know Where did my steps go wrong? It’s a pity that you can’t upload pictures in the comments section. What I may have described was not very clear. If I can send you a picture, you should know the problem I describe.

    • CG Shortcuts

      Hi Hui, try downloading the project file and deconstructing it to see where you went wrong

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