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Unleash the power of X-Particles

We’ve teamed up with VFX artist Roland Friedrich of LFO Design to bring you X-Particles with Redshift 3D! The most comprehensive X-Particles, Redshift Render® and Cinema 4D training available! 

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What will you learn from this course?

Learn how to unleash the power of X-Particles.

X-Particles Fundamentals​

We will take you through all details you need to know about X-Particles and Explosia FX with Redshift. We will cover topics such as simulations, cache and MB, textures, trails, collisions, fluids, OpenVDB Mesher, algorithms, volume builder and rendering.

Fire & Smoke with ExplosiaFX​

If you want to take your X-Particles skills to the next level by creating impressive and realistic fire and smoke simulations, than this is the right course for you!

Fluids and VBD Meshing​

You will also learn fluid dynamic and VBD Meshing in order to create stunning simulations. These techniques can be applied to any of your projects.

Volume Tips and Tricks​

You'll be shown some tips and tricks on how to create from VDB files many interesting looking objects or even complex scenes.

Rendering it all with Redshift​

You will also learn all techniques and important Redshift nodes and, at the end of this course, you will be able render amazing scenes using elements of X-Particles data and Redshift.

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X-Particles with Redshift 3D
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Student reviews

What people are saying

Roland is always there to help you with your difficulties..
I really appreciate what Roland is offering on this Redshift course. Roland is so quick in giving feedback. You don’t feel the lag in training. He is always there to help you with your difficulties.

Nikhil Shahapurkar

Roland is one of the top CG specialists with great artistic taste.
Roland Friedrich, has great artistic taste, and he is one of the top CG specialists with huge experience in cinematography, what is very important for feedback in artworks, to make the image much better. Roland gives fast, detailed, full answer on any question and not only in technical aspects but in composition, color, lighting, contrast too. I am very glad to study at LFO Redshift Course. For me, it’s a big opportunity to grow up my professional skills! I wish the success and prosperity for your company!

Elena Rasokhina

Complex information in a simple way.
Roland has a talent for presenting complex information in a simple way. His tutorials are very thorough, great job! More videos please!

David Davis

X-Particles with Redshift 3D

The new course by LFO Design to help you master X-Particles in Cinema 4D.

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