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Houdini Jumpstart Course

The Ultimate Houdini Course by Maxime Hacquard


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Unleash the power of Houdini

We’ve teamed up with VFX artist Maxime Haquard of Motion Designers Community to bring you Houdini Jumpstart, where we explain one by one the various concepts essential to understanding the software.

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Trailer: 3D Rendering for VFX and GamesHoudini Jumpstart


This course was designed for intermediate users.

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The course has been recorded in English.

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What will you learn from this course?

Learn how to unleash the power of Houdini..

Houdini Concepts

In this introduction to Houdini we cover everything from Navigation, Scene Setup, Procedural Modeling, VOPS, Volumes, MOPS and even Rendering with Redshift in Houdini.

19 Lessons


Now we’ll put what we’ve learnt into practice over a series of project based workshops.

22 Lessons

Course Content

Houdini Jumpstart
Houdini Practice Lessons

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Houdini Jumpstart Course
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Student reviews

What people are saying

A great breakdown of fundamentals.
A great trainer who explained a lot more than I expected for this training


Good Teacher...
Very nice so far. Max is precise, this tutorial is as useful as it is fun to watch. Good teacher.


Not so monstrous after all...
As the name suggests, it's really to take the plunge and take your first steps in a software that's not so monstrous after all


Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in this course?​

We have designed this training 100% online for those who already have experience in 3D, coming from Blender, C4D, Maya or others, and who want to train effectively. Motion Designer or simply curious, you will obtain the necessary knowledge for understanding Houdini to continue to evolve (Vex, for loops, Metadatas, Solvers, PDG and so many other possibilities that will no longer be obscure to you).

Where can I apply the skills I learn in this course?​

We are also aware that Houdini has a high value in the job market. We would like to remind people that learning is a path and not a destination. We suggest following this tutorial to continue to train yourself, consult the documentation and practice as much as possible.

What software do I need?​

The training was recorded with version 18 of Houdini. Also, this video course intended to be intended for pros and non-pros who want to train effectively, plugins (Free) and GPU renderers will be shown. However, this is only a small part.

What plugins do I need?​

Plugins (Free) and GPU renderers including Redshift will be shown. However, this is only a small part.

What knowledge do I need to complete the course?​

This course is intended for people initiated into the basics of 3D.

What will I get after enrolling?​

This Houdini training of 12 hours of content is divided into 2 main parts: The discovery of Houdini and its concepts (see the table of contents for details). 13 creative workshops to put your knowledge into practice. Plus 9 Downloadable Project Files.

Is this course included in membership?​

Not at this time.

If I purchase the course is it mine to keep?​

Yep, if you purchase it, it's yours to keep!

Houdini Jumpstart Course

The new course by Maxime Hacquard designed to help you master Houdini.

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