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In this Cinema 4D Course by CG Shortcuts you’ll learn how to use particles with mograph to create this popular Geoboil Effect in C4D. This effect is hugely popular so it’s going to look great on your portfolio or showreel! By the end of this course you’ll level up your Cinema 4D skills and be able to create your won Geoboil Effect. We’ll also take you through rendering with Octane Renderer.


This course was designed for beginners.


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What we cover in the course

Everything you need to know to create a geoboil effect in Cinema 4D.

Play Video
Play Video
Bubbles with Mograph and Particles

In this Cinema 4D Geoboil Course, we’ll use a particle and mograph setup to create the geoboil effect.

1 Lesson
Mesh Deformation

Then we’ll deform the mesh with deformers in Cinema 4D.

1 Lesson
Camera and HDRI Lighting with Octane

We’ll light our scene in Octane Render.

1 Lesson
Finishing Touches

We’ll make a sub surface scattering slime material that has thinner and thicker properties depending on how the mesh is being deformed.

1 Lesson

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Dave Bergin

Meet your course instructor.

Hey it’s Dave from CG Shortcuts! I’m a motion graphics artist now based in sunny Australia.

I’ve been working in the industry for 15 years, most of which was spent at various studios in London UK (I was lucky enough to do loads of travel as well!).

I’ve worked for brands like Disney, Fox, Porsche, American Express and more, mainly for UK, US and European clients.

I’m now freelancing and teaching right here at CG!

Student reviews

What people are saying

I will recommend to my friends!.
Amazing Class I understand all subject and the teacher is awesome, I will recommend that for my friends!

Lucas Mainovo

One of the best courses I’ve watched on Octane.
I’m about half way through this now and wow! This is one of the best courses I’ve watched on Octane. Highly recommend it! ...your delivery is spot on and the fact that you don't spend more time than needed on certain things is a perfect combination. Reinforcing techniques like you do really helps it all make sense. Outstanding job my friend!

Justin Brown

Best Cinema 4D teacher online!
Hands down best C4D teacher online. Every aspect from audio quality to the clarity of the instructions is polished to the maximum.

Simonas Paplauskas

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in this course?​

We’ll create a GeoBoil Effect with Particles and Mograph. We’ll then look at deforming the mesh to create the effect. And finally we’ll create materials and light and render in Octane.

Where can I apply the skills I learn in this course?​

This popular effect can be used in all kinds of motion graphics work and will look great on your portfolio or showreel. This skill can be used in all areas of your 3D work beyond what we create in the course.

What software do I need?​

You need Maxon Cinema 4D (many of the techniques are achievable in older versions but Version 21 and above is recommended). You also need the OctaneRender Plugin for Cinema 4D (Version 2019 and above is recommended but the concepts in this course apply to all versions). Don’t worry if you don’t have these yet as you can download a free demo to start learning straight away!

What plugins do I need?​

You need the OctaneRender Plugin for Cinema 4D from the Otoy website. It’s available to rent or buy and is quite affordable. The concepts in this course apply to all versions but Version 2019 and above is recommended.

What knowledge do I need to complete the course?​

A basic level of Cinema 4D should be fine for this course.

What will I get after enrolling?​

Lifetime access to the course videos (1 hour over 5 video lessons), 1 x C4D Project File and Exclusive support.

Is this course included in membership?​

It sure is, along with a bunch of other courses.

If I get a membership, how long can I access the course?​

You can access the course any time during your membership. If your subscription ends so will access to the course.

If I purchase the course is it mine to keep?​

Yep, if you purchase it (rather than subscribing) it's yours to keep!

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