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Model a Trefoil Torus Knot

How to model a Trefoil or Torus Knot in Cinema 4D using the Formula Spline and a mathematical formula. We’ll also look at ways to optimize the shape. This Q & A Lesson was requested by MaverickMongoose. Mentioned in this video: Original formula was found here.

Scatter Objects with Redshift Matrix Scatter

We take a look at ways to scatter objects (grass, plants, trees and rocks from the asset browser) across our proceedural landscape. While it is possible to use the Cloner, if you’re rendering with Redshift, the Redshift Matrix Scatter is a more optimized solution. We’ll also look at ways to add randomization and proceedural placement […]

How to Model Landscapes in Cinema 4D

We look at a few different approaches for modeling landscapes in Cinema 4D including Sculpting, using the Displacer Deformer, Displacement Maps and Noise, and a fully Procedural Plain Effector with Fields setup. Mentioned in this video: Grab some free displacement maps here Check out World Creator here

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