Cover Objects with Plants 10:34

How to cover objects with plants (or any other objects) using Altlases and Dynamic Hair in Cinema 4D. We’ll use Atlases from Megascans to create a collection of ferns that we’ll then drape over an object using the Cinema 4D Hair system. This tutorial was requested by Anna (one of our awesome Members). The effect […]

Soft Body Tetris 12:22

How to create a soft body tetris animation using the new Cloth System in Cinema 4D. We’ll model the tetris pieces and arrange them into a cube shape, then have them fall into place with dynamics. This tutorial was requested by Elinoam (one of our epic YouTube Subscribers). The effect was inspired by original artwork […]

Dynamic Spirals in Cinema 4D 07:56

Create and simulate dynamic spirals in Cinema 4D.  We’ll create a spiral mesh with a Helix, a Cloner, and a Sweep Object. Then we’ll add thickness and simulate it with a Cloth tag before adding a colored ramp to finish the effect off. This tutorial was requested by Claire (one of our awesome Members). The […]

Cinema 4D Logo Reveal 12:54

Create a Cinema 4D logo reveal effect by projecting a texture onto dynamic clones. The effect is similar to the logo reveal at the beginning of the film Benjamin Button. This tutorial was requested by John (one of our epic Members). Watch our video on adding variation to clones here.

How to Loop Hair or Grass in C4D 12:08

It’s not possible to loop hair directly in the Hair Object, but with this handy hack we cn loop hair and plants or grass easily. This Q & A Lesson was requested by Danny.

Cinema 4D Cloth Sim with Clones

Better Cloth Sims with Clones 03:05

Learn how to use low res proxies when simming clones in Cinema 4D. The key is to use a connect object and bake the clones as an alembic file.

Better Cloth Sims with Proxies 15:47

Learn how to create better cloth sims by using proxies and the Mesh Deformer to sim a low res mesh and transfer the animation to a high res mesh. Sim faster and smarter in Cinema 4D.

Unrolling Cloth Dynamically in Cinema 4D

Dynamic Unrolling Cloth 11:58

Learn how to create unrolling cloth dynamically in Cinema 4D. We’ll make the cloth unroll and interact with other objects in the scene using cloth simulation in C4D.

Reset and Loop Dynamic Simulation 07:51

Learn how to loop animation by resetting cloth simulation back to the original position. We’ll use cloth dynamics and Mix Animation to create a looping effect.

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