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Roll Objects in C4D (The Easy Way) 10:05

How to roll just about any object in Cinema 4D quickly, easily and without Xpresso. We’ll use the Roll-it plugin to roll various objects in C4D. We’ll also look at some of the plugins’ quirks and see how we can roll along a path and over obstacles.  Download the plugin here. This tutorial was requested […]

Folding a Paper Plane 10:59

Model, rig and animate a folding origami paper plane. We’ll use a template to make the folds with Bend Deformers

Add Automatic Bounce / Spring to Animation in Cinema 4D

Add Automatic Bounce/Spring to Animation 10:47

Add automatic bounce or overshoot to your animations easily with 5 different methods including the Jiggle Deformer, The Track Modifier, Constraint Tag, Mograph Effectors and Xpresso.

Stagger/Sequence/Offset Keys 05:33

Quickly offset keys in Cinema 4D Select keys then in Attribute Manager use Key Timex+(num*8) – Offsets 16 framesx = the original valuenum = index of selection Get the sequence plugin here

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