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Introduction to Redshift Materials: Metals

Introduction to Redshift Materials: Metals Course was created for people who want to demystify both the Shader Graph and the whole process of making materials inside of Redshift. Throughout this course we will create over 50 metals and breakdown many of the most common Nodes and how they work. We start off simple and work our way up node by node. By the end you’ll be creating very complex materials with ease.

Introduction to Redshift: The Basics

Introduction to Redshift: The Basics Course was created for beginners and people curious about the Redshift engine to get you acquainted with the software, its strengths and how to incorporate it into your workflow.

Cinema 4D – Ultimate Abstract Art

Create amazing Abstract Art in Cinema 4D! We’ll guide you through the creation of 10 artworks each covering a different technique and toolset within Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D – Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF

The ultimate course for students starting out in Cinema 4D!
In this course I’ll show you how to create this looping photo-real 3D animation in Cinema 4D, which I’m calling the Jellybean Factory.
We cover loads of essential topics in C4D (modelling, animation, mograph, dynamics, lighting, materials and rendering) and at the end you’ll have created a pretty advanced effect – you’ll also enjoy this one if you’re interested in looping animation!

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